Groups including Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace and Global Witness are all backing the call for a boycott. In an open letter the UKSCN, who are the organisers of the school strike movement which has brought tens of thousands of children onto the streets to make their voices heard on the climate crisis, said Shell’s sponsorship of an


EDF condemns Greenpeace intrusion at Tricastin nuclear plant site on Friday morning to protest the ageing of the 40-year-old reactors. <.

Greenpeace was formed in 1971 to protest the proliferation of nuclear testing. In 1974, Greenpeace began the first of its many campaigns against the commercial slaughter of wild animals. Inspired by the encounters of Robert Hunter, one of the founders, with a killer whale , the group began an anti-whaling campaign on the California coast. For example, Greenpeace, an environmentalist NGO, has orchestrated worldwide protests against genetically modified (GM) foods. Highly organized demonstrations appeared, seemingly overnight, in many parts of the world, denouncing GM products as “Frankenfoods” that pose unknown (and undocumented) dangers to people and to the environment.

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Greenpeace blocks destructive fishing off the coast of Brighton. 26th February 2021. New 55 square-mile 'boulder barrier' will stop industrial bottom trawlers damaging an important ocean habitat, and expose the government’s failure to look after so-called Marine Protected Areas all around the UK. Greenpeace said its protest was to highlight the "public health crisis" of air pollution, and put pressure on whoever wins May's London mayoral election on 5 May to take action. Greenpeace komt vastberaden en inventief in actie voor een groene, vreedzame wereld.

De senaste tweetarna från @greenpeace

Volkswagens utsläppsskandal Greenpeaceaktivister har bordat ett fartyg på väg med Volkswagen-dieselbilar från Tyskland till Storbritannien. 2019-09-12 · #PeopleVsOil" Greenpeace USA tweeted. Environmental activists affiliated with the organization Greenpeace dangle off the Fred Hartman Bridge in Houston in an act of protest on Sept. 12, 2019.

Greenpeace protest

Greenpeace protesters at Worthing Pier SUS-210428-102320001 Laurence added: “Instead of a handful of companies exploiting the deep sea for profit, we need to prioritise re-using resources and moving to a sustainable, circular economy.

Greenpeace protest

Canoes Protest against Shell in Groningen - GP0STQ89J Greenpeace protest against the drilling of Shell in the North Pole.

Greenpeace protest

Läs mer: Men miljöorganisationen Greenpeace protest fortsätter. Sedan i torsdags kväll ligger Greenpeacefartyget Rainbow Warrior ankrat vid inloppet  miljöorganisationen Greenpeace har tagit sig upp på en 180 meter hög skorsten på ett kolkraftverk i den polska staden Belchatow i protest. Preemraffs hamn norr om Lysekil, och har börjat lotsa fartyg in och ut ur Brofjorden. Men miljöorganisationen Greenpeace protest fortsätter. Orimligt att Statoil och Lundin Petroleum ska borra efter olja i känsliga arktiska vatten, anser Greenpeace. Bild från Greenpeace protest mot Volkswagen igår.
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Greenpeace protest

Foto handla om fara, demonstration, chernobyl, ekologiskt, ekonomi, antinuclear, farligt, energi, milj - 14028498. Nederländsk protestaktion mot L'Oréal, september 2006. Greenpeace är en organisation som grundades i Kanada 1971.

Sedan i torsdags kväll ligger Greenpeacefartyget Rainbow Warrior ankrat vid inloppet  miljöorganisationen Greenpeace har tagit sig upp på en 180 meter hög skorsten på ett kolkraftverk i den polska staden Belchatow i protest.
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2021-01-23 · Peaceful protest works because it reminds us we’re not alone, and that gives us hope. If you ever look around thinking things seem pretty rubbish right now, you’re not alone. Just knowing that other people share your outrage and your hope for a better future, that you can share the burden with others and that you’ll be supported – all this can give you the courage to carry on.

Updated on: September 12, 2019 / 3:05 PM / CBS News Watch as Greenpeace protesters suspend themselves from busy Houston bridge Sept. 12, 2019 00:38 Sept. 12, 2019, 3:02 PM UTC / Updated Sept. 12, 2019, 7:01 PM UTC 1 of 24.

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Mar 6, 2020 Greenpeace Activists Avoid Felony Charges Following a Protest Near Houston's Oil Port · Prosecutors in Harris County downgraded charges 

Greenpeace genomförde på torsdagen en protest vid Europeiska rådet i Bryssel. Aktivister klättrade upp på byggnaden, tände bengaler och satte upp vepor som visade byggnaden i lågor.

Köp boken Shell, Greenpeace and the Brent Spar av G. Jordan (ISBN by Greenpeace, and as a result of large scale pro-Greenpeace protest in the UK, 

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5 Mar 2021 Environmental activists from Greenpeace have protested at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport by painting an Air France plane. Members of the  Greenpeace has orchestrated an international day of protest against Nestlé over double standards in the marketing of genetically modified (GM) foods.